Driving Directions


These are some of the cities you will pass through along the way. Some larger cities like Portland or Eugene are not really covered. You can get a AAA guide to cover them. If a city like Silver Lake or Beaver is not listed, it is because the town is so small it may have so few services that no guide is needed.

If you have more information to add, please contact us. We will be happy to add the information to the site, if applicable.

Alturas, CA
The cultural center of Modoc county.

Cedarville, CA
The last town before Gerlach, Nevada.

Eagleville, CA
It's lovely and technically, it's a town.

Empire, NV
The only store between Cedarville and Nixon.

Gerlach, NV
The nearest town to Black Rock City.

Klamath Falls, OR
The last big town along the way.

La Pine, OR
French for the pine.

Lakeview, OR
The tallest town in Oregon.

Nixon, NV
Nixon, Nevada is a evil speed trap and I have nothing nice to say about this town.

Paisley, OR
The town of Paisley, Oregon proudly advertises it has 249 people and one old grouch.

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