Driving Directions

Nixon, NV

Nixon, Nevada is a evil speed trap and I have nothing nice to say about this town.

It's a town on the Paiute Indian Reservation. It's Police Department makes all of it's money on speeding tickets and Burning Man is payday. Worse, you have to pay the tickets on the spot. If you don't have the cash, I guess they impound your car. This is not a friendly town.

All I can say is drive 5 MPH BELOW the speed limit and be very careful you stay well below the speed limit. Seriously, this is the worst place for tickets in the entire area.

As a punishment and as a caution, please do not stop for any reason in Nixon. Don't stop for gas, don't stop for food, don't stop at all. Just drive through below the speed limit and deny them any revenue. Because if you stop, they might roll up and just investigate your car, which could lead to another ticket.

In 2007, The Payute's finished a very strange road "improvement" on the highway about 14 miles north of Nixon between Empire and Nixon. It is just after you leave the reservation for the SECOND time.

(You are in the reservation as you go around the end of Pyramid lake, then you leave it for a few miles right after all the sand dunes; then you enter it again for a few miles.)

Evidently they are planning on stopping a lot of cars here because they have paved a pull-off that is 4 lanes wide and long enough for 4 or so semi trailers. Do you need any more proof they are really looking at you as a revenue source?

Please watch for any sudden drop in speed signs in this area. It sounds like they will be springing a speed trap on people.

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