Driving Directions


Custom maps that can help you along the way.

Alturas, CA
A map of Alturas, California featuring some common destinations such as 4Corners Market, Chevron & others.

Bend, OR
A pdf map of Bend, OR complete with stores.

Gerlach, NV
A map of Gerlach, Nevada to let you know what you can find in the town.

Lakeview, OR
A small map of Lakeview, Oregon with notable landmarks such as grocery stores, hardware stores and other places we recommend.

Mileage Calculator
A useful calculator on how far it is from one place to another.

PNW Driving Map
A pdf map of the three suggested routes to Black Rock City.

Reno to Burning Man
A waypoint map from the airport to Black Rock City.

Reno, NV
A map of Reno, NV complete with store listings that appeal to Burners.

Route 3
This is a test Google map that lists the waypoints on where to turn.

Route 4
This is a new route I am playing with laying out.

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Feel free to print out any of this information to help friends get to Black Rock City. Or if you use it to explore the Pacific Northwest. It's a beautiful area, go explore it. If you find the information useful, thank me, tell me some stories and buy me a frosty beverage. Hosting by GetWally