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Cal Booster Fail

I think Dr Pepper and Pepsi were trying to do a pro-Cal display for the upcoming UC-Stanford game.


Forget the Staycation, try a steak-cation

A few friends of mine are talking about going on a staycation. This brings to mind flying around the world to special steakhouses to try rib-eyes and other steak goodness.


Camping Product Reviews
Planet Wally is reviewing products that are perfect for camping and tailgate parties.

Rust-oleum Reflective Finish
An excellent unobtrusive way to add a little reflectivity to an object. more...

Brother HL-2070N Network Monochrome Laser Printer
This is an excellent printer! When I first ran across the printer, I was very reluctant to buy it. Being a Mac guy, I sometimes find the print drivers do not work as well as they do on Windows. Or I find I have to jump through some hoops to get it to work right. The reviews I read indicated it was trouble-free, so I decided to give it a try. more...

Personality Tests
We have a large collection of Personality tests to help you gauge how messed up you are.

Have You Been Everywhere?
Johnny Cash has a song, "I've Been Everywhere. We love the song, love to travel, so we created a little test to let people compare where they have been with Johnny and see how they stack up. more...

Do you hear what I hear?
Do melodies have a colour? Take part in this experiment to test whether you hear colors. The test reveals a little about the person taking it, but does not offer any deep insights as other tests do. Requires Flash 5. more...

Fire & Fire Safety

Wally also has collected great information for anyone who wants to work with fire as an art form. Or information for people who are out jackassing around. Learn techniques on how work with fire safely and with style. We have information on Fire Safety, including the proper attire, MSDS Sheets for more information on flammable liquids and metals and helpful information when working with Propane.

Avatar Collection
A unique and strange collection of unique avatars for use in Web discussion forums. Most are sized at 150 x 150 pixels and all of them are free.

Devil & Cauldron
avatar: Halloween: Devil with Cauldron

More Avatars --»

Sleaze Price Index
Curiosity has driven us to find out what prices for various naughty things run around the world.

Trivia Extreme
We're testing a new trivia Web site dedicated to a new take on trivia.

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Comedy Underground

Wally Pranks!
Wally has created a new Web site focused only on pranks. It's a perfect place to visit to dream up inspiration for any naughty ideas you are planning.
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The Pornivale: 70's Porn Parody Party: San Francisco, CA


Featured Item:

Gallery Of the Stupid
Wally's humorous photo collection of stupid things.

Code of Conduct
Discovery Kingdom Code of Conduct more...

Motivational Posters
Wally's own take on motivational, feel-good posters. They are as tasteless as you can imagine. Abortion: It brings out the kid
Abortion: It brings out the kid


Wide World of Pranks

We have a huge collection of pranks for home, office, school and evil ones for all occaisions!

Scratching the Paint

We think this is going way too far and is really evil thing to do.

However, the damage is done and it's too good not to share!


Smiling Turd In Toilet

It's amazing what you can do with brownie mix and a grudge.


We feature original custom stickers found nowhere else!


Humor Gallery

Sometimes you just need a good laugh and here at Planet Wally, we love to deliver.

Bad Pick-up Lines

We have been collecting the best of the worst for years.

Getting Rid of a One-Night Stand

Just in case the bad pick-up line actually works and you realize you made a big mistake. We have the words that will help you get the Neanderthal out the door.

Insult Collection

Do you ever find times when you need a really great insult? I know we do here at Planet Wally. So we sat down and whipped out some really great insults for your enjoyment.

Tasteless Joke Collection

We have no shame. This is a collection of jokes we find to be funny. Sick, twisted, tasteless, without a hint of morality or shame.

Latest Joke:

Q: What's an average dead baby?


Pyro Boy

Pyro Boy

Wally Glenn has many interesting hobbies. One of them is blowing himself up with pyrotechnics. No really, we're not kidding! Wally Glenn is the world famous Pyro Boy! Watch Wally set himself ablaze.

Cheap Dave's Home Theater

Cheap Dave is an expert at building really great home theater systems for really cheap prices. Get the information you need to get the system you want at a price you can afford.

About This Site:

On this Web site you will find many things that are located at this URL. How can we do it? Huge amounts of root beer, that's how! See what an empire you can create when under the hypnotic spell of carbonation.

Dog is my Co-Pilot

A list of dog-friendly parks and places.

Click Here!

Fremont Troll
Feremont Troll
Information on this wonderful quirky Seattle icon. It should be part of any trip to Seattle.

Burning Man Information
Planet Wally has been actively involved in Burning Man for years. Check out some of our information which could be useful to those who attend the event or have curiosity about the event.

Burning Man Photos

Burning Man

Photos from the 2005 event.

Burning Man Driving Directions

If you live in Washington, Oregon or BC, we have complete driving directions and travel advice on the best ways to get to Black Rock City. Plus, wonderful destinations to visit along the way.

Foodist: Cookbook Reviews

Schuyler Ingle writes incredible reviews of cookbooks. If you like to cook, he is worth reading. more...

Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia

Love him or hate him? Carlos Mencia is on our mind. more...

Naughty Christmas Carols!

Santa finger

After an extended absense, they are back on the site and ready to offend! more...

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We have RSS feeds of all of our content. more...
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