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I recently visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA where I found these Code of Conduct signs posted all over the park.

Some of these rules seem counter-intuitive to the mission of the park. For instance, no bathing suits. It's a water park. Were you expecting me to wear a tuxedo? Next, we have the no profanity rule. After being gouged for $15.00 for parking, $40.00 for a ticket, someone might have a little slip of the tongue when they pay $11.00 for a beer.

But the biggest reason the Code of Conduct sign ended up in the Gallery of the Stupid is the inability to proof read. Take a look at the No Profanity rule. The Park does not allow "profanity or offensive behaior" Perhaps they mean behavior?

Discovery Kingdom Code of Conduct

That simple spelling error, which should have been caught in Photoshop long before they had the signs professionally printed, is not the egregious error. To me the biggest single reason I am including this in the Gallery of the Stupid has to do with the bathing suit rule. If you look closely at the peeling sticker, you can tell that the sign was already corrected at least once by someone who took the time to fix a misspelling with the bathing suit rule, but still overlooked the misspelling in the profanity rule.

You can't blame it on someone being drunk, because nobody could afford to get drunk at those beer prices while being paid minimum wage.

Another thing that frightens me at Discovery Kingdom is the fact that all of the rides are run by teenagers. The thought that my safety is being managed by kids who could not get a better job than working at an amusement park for minimum wage is a rather frightening thought in itself.

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