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Planet Wally is proud to feature one of the finest collections of pranks on the Web. Each one will actually work!

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- Smiling Turd In Toilet
- iPhone Rick Roll Virus Prank
- Firefox: Prank Messages to Developers
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- FasTrak Toll Tag Prank
- How to disable a Google GMail Account

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Wally Rants: Recent Prank Articles

Wal-Mart Intercom Pranks
Wal-Mart stores can be so big and the workers seem so bored and the customers seem so harried and annoying. It seems like the perfect fertile ground to have a little fun at Walt's expense. Sometimes I just want to jump on the intercom and say something. But how does one get access? more...

Fake Craigslist Ad Causes Looting
Someone placed a fake ad on Craigslist claiming Robert Salisbury of Jacksonville, Oregon had abandoned his property and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department was authorizing people to come take away his belongings for free, which included everything, including his horse. The amazing thing is how many people actually came out to take away all of his possessions -- including his horse! more...

Pizza Delivery: Getting Even with Bad Tippers
We did a little investigative drinking with pizza delivery drivers to get the inside scoop on what happens to bad tippers. more...

Wrapping Gift Cards
Call me old fashioned, but I think gift cards are a bit crass. Is it really that hard to buy someone a gift? Recently, the answer was yes. It was too hard. I wanted to get a gift for a friend of mine, but his girlfriend was not very helpful. I didn't know if he wanted speakers for his big screen TV, a Garmin GPS or just a donkey punch in the neck. more...

How to Gag Wrap Christmas Presents
It's that time of the year again when you have to wrap presents. You could go to the mall and get fancy wrapping paper, which might look good on the surface, but even better would be a gift wrapping job your victim will never forget. more...

Great School / Stadium Prank
Kyle Garchar, a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School in suburban Columbus, Ohio, should be very proud of himself right now. He pulled off an excellent school prank. It was so excellent that nobody was hurt, no property was damaged, the only problem was his stick-in-the-mud school Principal has suspended him for his prank. I'm guessing Kyle wears the suspension like a badge of honor. more...

How to Deal with Telemarketers
People who call you on the phone with sales pitches are the worst. Especially if they call on your cell phone! Then you are paying with your minutes to talk to these jerks! more...

Prank the Monkey -- Buy This Book!
I love a good prank. It's why I dream them up; it's why I created this Web site. People always ask me to suggest a good book on how to do pranks. It's really hard to find a good book on the subject. So much of what makes a prank good really depends on the situation, where you are staging the prank and how you intend to pull it off. more...

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