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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

How to Gag Wrap Christmas Presents

It's that time of the year again when you have to wrap presents. You could go to the mall and get fancy wrapping paper, which might look good on the surface, but even better would be a gift wrapping job your victim will never forget.

I really have to stress that if you are going to go through all of this effort that you really should have a nice gift in the box. Otherwise you might find your victim will have some mighty hurt feelings.

First off you need supplies. In this case I suggest a nice sturdy box, some grocery bags for kraft paper, masking tape, glue, duct tape, aluminum tape, regular tape, scissors, plastic bags and of course, expanding insulating foam.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Gag Gift Supplies

Step One: Prepare the Box
Take a nice sturdy box and glue the bottom shut. Glue under the flaps so that there is no easy way to open the box. Then fill the bottom with insulating foam. Next take your wrapped present and place it in a plastic trash bag. I recommend the toughest bags you can find. Set the present in the bag into the box so the foam starts to set on the bag. This makes it very hard to pull out. Next, fill the sides around the present with foam and fill the top. The picture looks a bit spartan to show what you should do and how much gap you should have around the box. After this is done, glue the top of the box shut like you did the bottom. Feel free to tape the box shut as well.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Expanding Foam

Kraft Paper
Kraft paper is a fancy name for the paper used in grocery bags. I say recycle a few Trader Joes bags. They are colorful and make people think something inside might be from Trader Joes. I sealed all of my edges with masking tape so it looked all fancy and arty. You could glue yours if you like.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Kraft Paper

Plastic Bag
Each layer should have a plastic bag. This will keep the layer from gluing to the lower layer which could possibly make the present easier to open. We can't have that, now can we?

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Plastic Bag

Masking Tape
Not only is 2" masking tape relatively cheap, but it's easy to create patterns as you wrap the box. Have fun and go with your creative whims. Use the entire roll.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Masking Tape

Duct Tape
Everyone loves duct tape! When they see the masking tape, in the back of their mind they will expect to see a layer of duct tape. So give them duct tape. Use the entire roll. Use two if you like. The more duct tape the merrier. People will think the duct tape is the end of the gag wrapping, but as you know, it's just one of many layers.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Duct Tape

Aluminum Tape
Yep, aluminum tape. I figured your victim will get a laugh when they see the layer of duct tape and think thats the end, but no, it's just one of the layers. Aluminum shows you are serious.

GWALLY.COM: Gift Wrap: Presents: Aluminum Foil

The Top Layer
For the top layer, I actually used a nice, neutral gift wrap that was perfect for almost any occasion. It really helps hide the chaos that lies underneath this paper thin layer of respectability.

GWALLY.COM: Presents: Gift Wrap

Other ideas
There is no end to the fun you can have. Are you good at sewing? Sew the present shut in old fabric. Do you have a lock box or a plastic filing box? Glue it shut with crazy glue! Do you have some old cement laying around? Well now we're just being cruel.

The point is to have fun and make this gift a memorable one.

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