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Wide World of Pranks: Cars & Trucks

Bike Lock & Chain a Tire

A Kryptonite style U shaped lock and maybe some chain is all the tools you need to disable a car or a motorcycle.

You purchase a cheap bike lock, attach it to the front spoke, lock it and throw away the key.

This same method works great on cars. Run a length of chain through the spokes on a tire, lock the chain to itself and let the fun begin. Chain and a padlock works better than a bike lock because it's cheaper, you can cut it to the right length (three feet should do it) and it does more damage if they actually drive the vehicle.

This style lock from Kryptonite Tough Locking Chain works well.

Hopefully, they will not drive the vehicle!
Tire locked with chain and lock
The reason not to drive is the chain will whip up and whack the wheel well. The sound is very loud and the damage it does becomes very bad in a very short amount of time. This means you cannot drive the car to the hardware store to buy a set of bolt cutters. The victim has to walk or call an automobile club.

If you wanted to get truly evil, wrap the chain around the axle. This way the car owner has to have the car towed to move it at all.

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