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Home & Dorm

Home is where the head lies and sometimes your head could be lying in a bed in a dorm, in a work camp or stuck in barracks overseas. Your head wants you to entertain it, so we've created this category to help you entertain your brain in the home.

Booby Trap Your Own Bathroom
Boullion Cubes in the Shower
Carrot Seeds in the Lawn
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
Expanding Foam in a Pumpkin
Frozen Garbage Cans
Garbage Can Full of Water
Gift Exchange Prank
Gluing Shoes Together
Grease the Toilet Seat
Hot Sauce in the Ketchup
How to get back at a neighbor with a barking dog
Ivory Soap in the Shower Head
Laxatives in Protein Powder
Lice Powder
Lock the Bathroom
Marbles in the Medicine Cabinet
Plastic Forks in the Lawn
Poo in the Urinal
Prank the one you love
Remove the Mouse Balls
Rubber Duck in the Toilet Tank
Saran Wrap on the Toilet Seat
Short Sheet the Bed
Smiling Turd In Toilet
Strike Back at Junk Mailers
TV: V-Chip TV Prank
Talcum Powder Explosion
Tape the Sink Sprayer
Toilet Paper Pranks
Wasabi in the Guacamole
Wipe Your Butt on the Guest Towel

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