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Expanding Foam in a Pumpkin

Expanding polystyrene foam which is best known for use as an insulating foam used to fill voids in a house. It is very cheap and very messy. Especially when you fill up the void inside of a pumpkin with the foam.

Visually, it looks kind of funny. When it dries, the foam becomes really hard and you, or rather your victim, will end up with a Jack O Lantern with foam bulging out of the mouth, the eyes, the ears and the top of the pumpkin raises up a few inches as well. It looks like the pumpkin threw up out of every opening!

If you do such a prank, pick up the pumpkin before you start and run a bead under it. When the foam hardens, it acts like glue and makes it is really hard to move the pumpkin.
expanding foam
One can of expanding foam is enough to do an entire city block full of pumpkins. You could also steal all of the pumpkins on a block and fill the pile with expanding foam and have a very interesting Halloween art piece!

Expanding Foam

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