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Wide World of Pranks: Home & Dorm

Toilet Paper Pranks

It seems like such a simple little thing to me. I cannot see how someone could get all bent out of shape about which direction the toilet paper unrolls -- from below or over the top. But this is a pet peeve that can cause people to display great amounts of anger if someone were to change directions on them.

toilet paper roll

So this my friend is the prank. The next time you are at a home during a party, swap the direction the toilet paper faces. It's quick, it's easy and it drives people insane.

Spare Change?
Another little fun you can have is stick spare change or an eyeliner or even a lipstick container inside the cardboard roll. It seems to frustrate people when they tug on the toilet paper roll and pennies go rolling around the floor. I mean think about it, you're there in the bathroom with your pants around your legs, you tug on the toilet paper roll and things start rolling.

Water the floor
Oh and while your at it, take a handful of water and leave it at the front base of the toilet bowl. Just enough so that if someone drops trou without looking, their pants soak up a little water. Chances are they will not notice it until they tug on their pants and then the first thought when the liquid wetness hits their leg is that someone peed on the floor and it's soaked into their pants. Or their skirt.

Sometimes I wonder how the staff of this Web site ever get invited to parties. They must know we're going to do things like this.

Maybe that's why they invite us.

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