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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Annoying Radio Prank

Sometimes I come up with prank ideas which I am just unable to do, but I want to send it out to the world in hopes that someone might be able to take it and run with it.

This one is perfect for anyone with a pirate radio station.

I had in mind it might be fun to have a radio station at Burning Man that becomes a prank. It could happen anywhere, but Burning Man has a culture of low-power radio stations, operating over a limited period of time, which means plenty of people have the equipment needed.

I have decided that the most annoying form of radio has to be public radio pledge drives. I find it worse than trance, worse than young country and even worse than Christian ministries.

So this is what I propose is set up a pirate radio station that plays nothing but old NPR pledge drives. 24 hours a day for the entire length of the festival.

I doubt this will ever happen, but now the idea is out there and I hope someone takes it, goes forth and annoys the masses.

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