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Wide World of Pranks: Home & Dorm

TV: V-Chip TV Prank

Every TV larger than 13" sold in the US since 2000 has a V-Chip installed.

The V-chip is a technology that lets parents block television programming they don'd5t want their children to watch. Most television shows now include a rating, as established by the Broadcasting industry. (The rating appears in the corner of your television screen during the first 15 seconds of a program and in TV programming guides.) This rating is encoded into the programs, and the V-chip technology reads the encoded information and blocks shows accordingly.

Most people I know have no idea what a V-Chip is. They don't know you can set the V-Chip so the TV will only play programs rated TV-Y, which is found only in children'd5s shows like Sesame Street. That means shows only meant for toddlers, infants, babies. They certainly have no idea the V-Chip also has a password you as the user can set.

And here ladies and gentleman, we have the basis of a prank.

Pop over to a friends house and set the V-Chip. All you need is the remote control. Set the V-Chip to only show TV-Y shows. Set the password to be either their first name or you know, Wally for my sake.

Sit back and watch them freak out when they cannot watch a TV show better than Teletubbies. You can either volunteer the password or they can take it back to the manufacturer and let them reset it.

Feel free to pull this prank at electronics stores for the TVs on display.

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