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Wide World of Pranks: Home & Dorm

Rubber Duck in the Toilet Tank

OK, so you're at a party and you don't like the host. Or maybe you like the host, but looking for a simple, non-aggressive prank to make their lives more interesting. You're standing in their bathroom and you notice they have bath toys. Like a rubber ducky.

It seems a shame to leave the poor rubber ducky sitting dry on the side of the tub when it could be floating all day long in the upper tank of the toilet.

Relocate this treasured bath toy to the tank of the toilet.

If you're lucky, the rubber ducky will float along for a few days before becoming jammed in between the rubber plug at the bottom of the tank and the floater ball. This will cause the victim to notice the toilet is now free flowing and will not shut off. Hopefully they don't call a plumber, but just lift the lid and find their missing bath toy smiling up at them.

rubber ducky

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