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Wide World of Pranks: Phone Pranks

Wrong Number

I got a call on my phone recently where some cheery guy was asking for Jennifer. I knew right away this guy just got stiffed. You see, over the years, "Jennifer" has given out my number to guys she meets at bars who she has no intention of speaking to again. I don't know who Jennifer is, but I do know an opportunity to enjoy a prank when I see one.

The guy at the other end of the phone has just been sandbagged. There was no need to tell him, "Oh sorry, Romeo, but the nice blonde you met at a bar just dogged you by giving out my number." Because it implies that Jennifer is dogging me as well. What I have here is a perfectly good chance to have fun at the poor caller's expense and in a cruel way help him out. So I dropped my voice down a few octaves and send in my best gravelly villain voice, "Listen, Jennifer is not coming to the phone. This is her husband and if you ever call this number again, I will track you down and beat you senseless. You got that you home-wrecking piece of shit?" And I hung up the phone.

The problem was that sometimes I get all caught up in the moment. As much as I enjoyed that little bit of prank theatre, I also remembered that I was sitting around a conference table at a business meeting. People were staring at me the same way a dog stares at you when you make a funny noise. So I laughed and told everyone, "ha-ha, don't worry about it. That was a wrong number," which generated plenty of hard laughs.

This is my challenge to you, go forth and have fun with wrong numbers. If you can't pull off the fake husband or wife routine, try sounding desperate. "hello? who are you looking for? Jennifer? I could be your Jennifer! Don't hang up! I am so lonely!" Have fun with your wrong number caller. Think up a good story and have it at the ready.

I very well might call up random numbers to see if you have a story ready.

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