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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Fake Craigslist Ad Causes Looting

Someone placed a fake ad on Craigslist claiming Robert Salisbury of Jacksonville, Oregon had abandoned his property and the Jackson County Sheriff's Department was authorizing people to come take away his belongings for free, which included everything, including his horse. The amazing thing is how many people actually came out to take away all of his possessions -- including his horse!

The only reason Robert Salisbury came home to anything left in his house was that Michelle Easley, the person with a good heart who did not want to see a horse suffer, called him before she took his horse. Salsbury immediately headed home to find at least 30 people rummaging through his house and his barn and loading his possessions into their cars and trucks and all of them refusing to give the stuff back. When he claimed that his stuff was not abandoned, people waved printouts of the Craigslist adverts proving they were in the right to take his stuff. Salsbury said, "they honestly thought that because it appeared on the internet it was true. It boggles the mind."

We find it hard to believe that such a prank would work and Planet Wally would not condone such behavior, but apparently more than 30 people showed up to help clean this guy out. Even when the police arrived people were not deterred.

This just verifies that if people see it on the Internet, they will believe it. Even an action as simple as placing a bogus garage sale ad in Craigslist will get results. People will show up en masse to find a good bargain. It seems someone could advertise about a Dorm Room Sale, an auto dealership having a 2-for-1 sale, a Pizza Social at a Church or a school and mobs of people will show up.

Original Article:
Oregon man stripped by Craigslist looters

Police try to help victim of Craigslist hoax

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