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Wide World of Pranks: Home & Dorm

Strike Back at Junk Mailers

Man oh man do we hate junk mail! I don't need it and I get constantly annoyed by it. You can get off the lists, but it is hard, cumbersome and time consuming.

Instead of just sitting there, turn the junk mail into a prank.

The next time you get someone sending you a piece of mail asking for a contribution, take out the enclosed envelope and see if it says, "No Postage Necessary if mailed in the United States" These are the magic keys to the prank kingdom.

Take the junk mail you just received and stick it back into the enclosed envelope and mail it back. Don't bother being nice and neat about it either. If you shove the letter into an envelope and it tends to bulge out a bit, the post office will charge a higher rate for items that are thicker than 1/4 of an inch.

Is your stapler handy? Stick a few staples in the envelope. This ensures that someone has to take even more time to manually open it.

Oh but wait, there's more you can do!

Feeling like being really vindictive? Well we have the answer!

Find an object like a brick, a piece of wood or a box containing smelly fish and attach the envelope to the object using 2" wide clear tape. Make sure that sucker is well attached.

Now take the object to the nearest mailbox and send it on it's way. Due to postal regulations, packages over 1 lb. need to be taken to a postal agent to be mailed, but you can always drop it in a mail box and see what happens. What are they going to do, refuse to deliver it? According to the US Postal Service Web site, you could even mail a shrub or a tree. For more information, visit

This same prank can be used on banks, credit card offers, political parties, annoying charities, you name it. The best or worst thing is that the materials to pull off this prank could very well be in your mailbox right now.

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