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Public Places

This collection of pranks is for a public venue or to be pulled on the public at large. Make the world your oyster and the public responsible for picking up the bill.

Add Sugar to Unguarded Drinks
Create Wanted Posters
Dry Ice in the Urinal
Elevator Out of Order
Fake Medical Study Ads
Fake a Garage Sale
Garbage Can Full of Water
Glue a Quarter to the Sidewalk
Grease a Railing with Butter
Grease the Toilet Seat
Happy Birthday Restaurant Prank
Hot Sauce in the Ketchup
Hotel Pranks
How to "WIN" at KENO
How to Deal with Signature Gatherers
How to Win a Free Drink
Lice Powder
Liquid Soap in a Public Fountain
Liquid soap in toilet tank
Lock the Bathroom
Lock the doors with a bicycle lock
Luggage Locks on Camping Tents
Name 31 Flavors
Neck Brace
Nickel in the Coin Return
Pay Parking with Fake Money
Photo in the Elevator
Poo in the Urinal
Pour Sugar Around the Gas Tank
Raver Fishing (glow stick on a string)
Rubber Cement on a Railing
Saran Wrap on the Toilet Seat
Security Tags on Shopping Carts
Sending Poo Parcel Post
Stage a Mock Protest
Swap Nameplates
Wipe Your Butt on the Guest Towel
Yell "Theatre" in a Firehouse

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