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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Stage a Mock Protest

A couple of friends recently left on a dream trip. They staged a going away breakfast at our favorite restaurant and I thought it would be fun to stage a mock protest. The idea was simple, come up with protest signs that seemed negative but instead were actually positive.

Making protest signs is actually fairly easy. I bought some foam core at Michaels, some 1/2" x 2" fir strips at Home Depot and a fat Sharpie, I used a pencil to lightly sketch out the letters and the fat Sharpie to create letter outlines. I cut the 8' boards in half and used a staple gun to attach the foam core signs to the sticks. The only drawback was the fact that the signs caught the wind and would pull out if there was a big gust, so you might want to use glue to better anchor the signs to the sticks.

I used witty protest slogans that were in many ways similar to better known signs in protests. "ROBB KANE OUT OF US" was just a play on "US OUT OF [fill in slogan]" I also through in one rather silly one to give a better impression this protest was not serious. In this case, the sign read, "I LIKE PIE!"

Mock Protest

Before we did the protest we told the owner of the restaurant that we would be doing a quick protest for Robb, then we'd put away the signs. I explained I was a little concerned that people might take it seriously. He laughed and felt there was no chance the protest would be taken seriously.

So we waited until we knew he was on his way and we staged our protest. Ironically enough, people actually took it seriously! People honked to support us, patrons of the restaurant actually wondered what the protest was about and if they should defend the cafe.

Robb took the protest in the spirit it was intended and everyone had a great time.

Stage your own protest sometime and join in on the fun.

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