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Wide World of Pranks: Cars & Trucks

Scratching the Paint

We think this is going way too far and is really evil thing to do.

However, the damage is done and it's too good not to share!

First off, I think the male vandal is really pissed off.

It looks like a romance gone bad. I would guess the vandal is a male. in our experience, a woman will usually write something like,


or even,

"I hope she was worth it!"

In this case the handwriting on the "Please do not give me a ticket" sign on the license plates looks like a woman's handwriting.

bmw 745 trashed - side

The scratches go down both sides of the vehicle and across every painted surface. The roof, the hood, the doors, the bumpers, everything. All four tires were flattened.

bmw 745 trashed

The owner wrote a note hoping to get out of a parking ticket. It actually worked!

bmw 745 trashed - deep scratches

The scratches are so deep, the paint curled and remained attached to the car. There's no way to buff this out. The car will require a new paint job.

bmw 745 trashed with Wally posing

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