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Wide World of Pranks: Evil Pranks

Gift Cards With No Cash

This is yet another evil prank that is great to contemplate, but very heartless to actually pull it off. It's so simple, it's so perfect, it's so heartless. If you like sweet revenge, this might put you into a diabetic coma.

Buy a gift card from a store you need to do a little shopping at. You could be truly heartless and make it a hard to find store where someone has to make an effort to go, such as a restaurant. You can make the card any amount you like. They come in amounts like $25, $50, even $100.

How to pull this off
Take the gift card to the store and purchase everything you can, but leave a tiny balance of say, 10 cents. So on a $25.00 card, you'd want to leave the balance somewhere between 10 cents and 50 cents. Or you could be generous and leave a buck.

Wrap the card and send it to your victim.

Most people will not take the time to check the balance before using the card. Most will think of a gift they could buy themselves for around the gift amount. For instance, they may use it on a toaster, a payment for a camera or maybe some clothes. The person will most likely think pleasant thoughts about you and figure perhaps you're not such a bad person after all.

Then they head to the register.

Imagine your victims shocked look on their face when they go to redeem a card for $25.00 and find out there's only 10 cents left on the card. First they will have a sense of disbelief and denial the card does not work. Then when it sinks in that you pranked them, humiliation sets in.

The reason I don't recommend this prank is that another emotion might set in, which would be anger. Thoughts of revenge may clearly cross their mind and you better hope the person doesn't know about this Web site, because you can imagine what kind of retribution they may seek against you.

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