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Gallery of the Stupid

Welcome to the Gallery of the Stupid. In many galleries you will see great examples of the arts, architecture, or maybe even history. You will not see them here. No sir, this gallery is dedicated to presenting stupidity at its finest, or lowest depending on how you view stupidity. We view it as something to poke fun at and hopefully get a chuckle out of you along the way.

I think that old axiom, "it takes one to know one" is very appropriate. I think it takes the fine eyes of a true knucklehead to find the silly parts of life and Wally is working overtime to help you see the humor in everyday things.

We would like to think that maybe some company might see themselves pictured here and take the opportunity to laugh at themselves, see the silliness and maybe even change. So far the only thing that has happened is that several not so small companies have threatened to sue me for the content on this site. We hope that you the reader have a better sense of humor than corporate America.

Latest Gallery Additions

Baby Changing Station baby_change molester

Bad Product Placement diet

Can I have Sugar Substitute without Sugar Please? Equal Has Sugar

Cock-fighting Logo cock fighting

Code of Conduct Discovery Kingdom Code of Conduct

Doo Doo Only? doodoo

Drive Carefully drive_carefully.jpg

Ferry Coffee Machines ferry coffee dispenser

Foam Applicator Inside ferry foam Applicator

Frontier Cash Machine frontier cash machine

Ft Lewis or No Ft Lewis? ftlewis.jpg

In Case of Emergency, Grab Axe ferry fire axe

Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips old dutch

Multi-Sided House No Good Side

Pipe Full of Fun Kids, Casino, Fireworks, pipeline

iPod Windows Ads ipod windows ad

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