Driving Directions

Driving Directions

Wally Glenn spent thousands of miles over several years looking for the best way to get to Black Rock City. He starts in Seattle, but these directions should be useful to anyone who lives in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Alberta or Northern California. This is also a great guide if you are car camping in the areas that are covered.

Latest News

OR-58 Total Closures Near Eugene
Find alternate routes for Routes 1 & 2 this year. There are total road closures at night from 6pm to 8am on the Willamette Highway. This is the highway that leads from Eugene / Springfield to La Pine through the Willamette Pass.

OR 58 Willamette Highway -- Salt Creek Tunnel and Half Viaducts. Lower tunnel floor and replace four bridges 20 miles east of Oakridge, MP 55.9 - 56.3. Total highway closures Monday through Thursday nights 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Completion: 10/2013. OTIA

More Information: http://cms.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION2/Pages/OR58_salt_creek_tunnel.aspx

Don't Fuel up in Gerlach
The Jack Rabbit Speaks (Volume 16, Issue #28) is advising people to fuel their vehicles in Nixon and Fernley and not fill up in Gerlach in 2012. The issue is highway safety. Once again, the JRS forgets that a significant population of Burning Man does not go through Nixon.

New Bypass around Redmond, Oregon
US-97 now has a detour going around Redmond Oregon, which can be found just north of Bend. There is other road construction projects in Oregon as well. Please check with ODOT for more information.

Cedarville Gas is Open
Cedarville gas is open and run by nice people, according to a trusted source. You can take down the "Closed by Wally" sign and put up "Thank You Wally!" sign.

Breaking Down in Gerlach
Every year coming off the Playa, I see the same thing over and over. People who are stranded in Gerlach waiting for auto repairs. I see it every year. People waiting for water pumps, radiators, fuel pumps, coils, tires, transmissions, the list goes on.

Gasoline Prices
Gasoline prices are typically 10 cents higher in Eastern Oregon than along I-5. Currently, Oregon has on average the cheapest price for gas, compared to Washington or California. Prices in Alturas will be about 17 cents higher.

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Feel free to print out any of this information to help friends get to Black Rock City. Or if you use it to explore the Pacific Northwest. It's a beautiful area, go explore it. If you find the information useful, thank me, tell me some stories and buy me a frosty beverage. Hosting by GetWally