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A little discussion on how this site is supposed to function.

Welcome to the Driving Directions site. It is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate. Those categories (on the left side) of the browser are:


The URL that has all of the directions is located at:


The map is located at:
http://gwally.com/directions/pdf/or_map.pdf (376 KB)

You can download everything except maps, articles and news at this URL:

It is designed to be printed out.

Feel free to cut and past as you like.

More Changes:

I would like to mention that over the last year, I have made HUNDREDS of changes to the Directions site. It now has many more maps, updated directions, updated numbers, updated everything. It has been greatly enhanced and I am still making changes and updates. The problem is that I took on too much in attempting to get programming Google Maps down in the last week or so. Forgive me, but the maps are not as complete as I would like them to be and they conflict with the current content management system. Between now and Burning Man 2006, there will be even more changes.

Hopefully this Web site will give you a little bit more information to make the journey go easier.

If you have any suggestions, any improvements, anything at all, please contact me and I will make updates.

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Feel free to print out any of this information to help friends get to Black Rock City. Or if you use it to explore the Pacific Northwest. It's a beautiful area, go explore it. If you find the information useful, thank me, tell me some stories and buy me a frosty beverage. Hosting by GetWally