Driving Directions

Klamath Falls, OR

The last big town along the way.

Klamath Falls (pop. 17,700) is the only town between Bend and Reno that has a population greater than it's altitude.

It is a great place to pick up groceries, construction supplies and other last minute supplies you might need. It has a branch of most regional banks and is the last town that will have all of them. It has a very large Fred Meyer, a Safeway, an Albertsons, almost anything you might need as long as it isn't too specialized. If you can't find it in Klamath Flalls, you will not find it anywhere further down the road towards Gerlach.

If you happen to be bringing large water barrels or other containers, we have found that the Fred Meyer store is very helpful and will allow you to fill up from their garden hose. After all, why would they think of stopping you when you also pick up a few hundred dollars in groceries and hardware?

One important thing to remember is that Klamath Falls is not a 24 hour town. The Fred Meyer is open from 7AM to 11PM daily. That goes for every other grocer in town. So if you happen to be going through Klamath Falls at 2:00 AM, the only thing open is a Denny's. It is, by the way, the last Denny's you will see on your journey.

Burner Recommendations

For folks coming from the north, in Merrill, Oregon (Just above the CA
Border) is a great greasy spoon hamburger joint called the Polar Bear. In a
classic building from the 1950s, you can get great old-fashioned burgers,
real milkshakes and other goodies...a great pit stop right out of the
1950's. They have a drive-up window, but you should go inside and make sure
to leave a Biz card on their wall (and look for one from a burner from South
Africa who went through with me in 2002).

Polar Bear
231 W Front St, Merrill, OR 97633
(541) 798-5724

Pixie's Gas
27600 Highway 97 N, Chiloquin, OR 97624
(541) 783-3933

Google Map of Klamath Falls

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