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Chinese New Year 2009
January 26, 2009
There are few cultural events which are as much fun as Chinese New Year. more...

Girl on Girl Boxing!
January 24, 2009
One of the best parties I have been to features amateur boxing. more...

Rocket Test #2 - Fail
January 20, 2009
This is why you should always test rocket engine designs before you use them. Someone could be seriously hurt. more...

Goodbye WaMu - Time for Another Bank
January 18, 2009
I just spent an hour on the phone with WaMu and the only way to describe the way I feel is violated. more...

Fire Art Festival at Seattle Center
January 12, 2009
I had the pleasure of seeing the delayed Seattle Center Winter Solstice Fire Art Festival. more...

Macworld Sucked
January 07, 2009
I like the event. Generally I hope to walk the floor and discover some things that I will find useful on my professional side. Apple is supposed to be young and hip. Apparently, Tuesday was Geriatric day at Moscone Center. There was nothing but wall-to-wall old people who were old enough to be my grandparents. more...

Pyro shell hits Pyro Boy
January 01, 2009
Sometime the shell strikes back! more...

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