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Girl on Girl Boxing!

January 24, 2009

One of the best parties I have been to features amateur boxing.

Most of the boxing matches by the men on men are fairly exciting. It's usually two guys randomly chosen out of the crowd who box each other for a few rounds and then they announce a winner. Usually it's just good old fashioned fun. Sometimes you get really drunk guys who can barely stand. They have distinct disadvantage since they are trying to hit at least two people in their blurred vision, but the fights are always fun to watch.

Every once in a while two women will give it a try. It's usually an interesting fight to watch because it happens so infrequently. Last night some woman I never met volunteered to go into the ring. I started to give her a few pointers because I thought it might be fun to see her pummel some other woman and look hot while doing it. What I didn't expect is that she'd choose to box the daughter of a friend of mine!

Here's the video between Amy & Ray Dawn:

No money exchanges hands and everyone generally hugs it out after and has a few beers. All in all, I think it's a healthy fun way to blow off a little steam.

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