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I'm not sure who invented the office, but in addition to being the perfect way to suck your soul away, it is also the perfect staging ground for pranks to be the wind beneath your wings and help you get through another week of hell. A hellish place you applied to work at!

Add Sugar to Unguarded Drinks
Bogus Ads in the Company Newsletter
Bogus Newsletter Ads
Bogus Snacks
Borrow the Admin Cart
Care Packages to Remote Offices
Change the Hold Music
Daisy Chain Paper Clips
Disconnect the Keyboard
Elevator Out of Order
Fake Job Ads
Fill a Desk with Peanuts
Fishing Wire Desk Booby Trap
Free doughnuts
Glass Cleaner in the Water Cooler
Grease the Toilet Seat
Grease the Toilet Seat
Hang Up on Someone
Hide a Co-workers Chair
Hole Puch Confetti
How to Deal With a Food Thief
Inter office Move Pranks
Keyboard Cleaning Session
Lice Powder
Liquid soap in toilet tank
Lock the Bathroom
More Copier and Printer Pranks
Move a Co-workers Car
Need those numbers ASAP!
Page a Bogus Employee
Paging Over the Intercom
Photo in the Elevator
Pour Sugar Around the Gas Tank
Robert Has a Wooden Leg
Rubber Snake in the Water Cooler
Rubber duck in the Water Cooler
Saran Wrap on the Toilet Seat
Service Copier Soon
Strike Back at Junk Mailers
Subscribe People to Weird Magazines
Super Glue the Contents of a Desk
Swap Nameplates
Switch Monitor Cables
Take the Ink Out of Pens
Tape the Sink Sprayer
Unbolt the Toilet Seat
Wasabi in the Guacamole
Water the Chair
Windows XP Voice Dictation