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Wide World of Pranks: Office Pranks

Fake Job Ads

In these uncertain times, lots of companies are doing some cost cutting and cutting back on staff.

But it seems someone forgot to tell HR that just because there are 400 people willing to apply for a job opening, doesn't give them an excuse to be rude or inconsiderate to those employees still on the payroll. Or indifferent managers. Have you ever had a manager that was a complete jerk?

Since a good want ad will generate at least 400 responses for a job, why not place a bogus want ad for a job? Get the direct line, e-mail address and snail mail address for your mark. If you want to be truly evil, use their own job title. Or use a nice ad like this one:

Office Assistant Needed

Looking for a go-getter to help Manager perform routine office duties. Candidates should be verbally articulate, creative, self-motivated, but we'll train the right person.

Stock options available, and childcare onsite.

Send resume to:
Peter Norton, Manager
20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 517-8000

Post the ad on job bulletin boards such as craigslist, hotjobs, any list you can get away with making a post for free or with giving out very little personal contact information. You want to make it hard to trace this back to yourself.

One serious note is that lots of people are looking for jobs right now and your prank could cost them valuable time looking for a job. Then again, they may need to have three job leads a week to report back, so maybe everyone is a winner.

Except your victim.

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