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Wide World of Pranks: Office Pranks

Inter office Move Pranks

I find that if you work for a big company like Microsoft, chances are you are going to find yourself moving around... A lot. Most moves seem to happen for no reason. But in the middle of that no reason doesn't mean you can't have a little fun, now does it?

Generally in a move you are issued stickers. These stickers will have your name & new building & room number on them. I have found that people have way more stickers than they actually need. Does this mean the stickers have to go to waste? Of course not! It just means the person has more things they need to move. If they don't use all the stickers, perhaps they are not hitting their quota. It is up to you to help them achieve their goal.

Generally a move works like this. The user boxes up their stuff, places it outside their door, then lacking the ability to get any work done, takes the rest of the day off.

Your job is to acquire more shipping boxes. Are there some old computers in the hallway? Add the person stickers to those computers. Is there a plant you do not like, drag it to the hallway, add a sticker and goodbye plant. Are there books or magazines in your office you want to dispose of? box them up and send them on their way to a new home. You can also do the same thing with all of the chairs in the meeting room. Just tag the chairs & move them to the hall.

All of this stuff ending up in their office or cubicle is bound to make them annoyed. They may want to write a note. So go to the office supply area and fill up a box of office supplies and add that to their pile. Unpacking all of those boxes might be a chore, so you might as well add in any snacks laying around the kitchen area in case they get hungry.

Now how about that admin cart? Does the user look like they could possibly use it? Tag it as well. It is better to be safe than sorry.

This prank does not have to be limited to people in your immediate area. Take some initiative and find another group that is moving and set about to have some fun. Did you find some stickers left after a move in an empty hallway? Why not use the stickers and place them over the labels of existing stickers so that Ted Johnson's stuff ends up in the office of Sharon Krueger.

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