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Decorate the office

Spring is officially here and usually that means time for spring cleaning. Just look around your office / house / dorm. Does it look a bit drab? Does it look a bit dusty? Does it look like it needs a little redecorating?

When you think of redecorating, people always imagine buying new furniture, hiring a decorator, painting, in essence, hard work and lots of cash. But redecorating can be done on the cheap and Planet Wally is here to show you how.

Wallpaper with Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are very cheap and easy to apply. Why, they even come with their own adhesive. The cost can be pretty cheap considering you may have plenty in the supply closet. It's just a matter of getting a few dozen, rolling up your shirt sleeves and start applying.

Post It Notes

Carpeting with balloons

Balloons are so cheap they come in big packages. All you really need for easy inflation is to borrow a tank or enlist a few windbags in the office. The colors are so festive it seems like a shame not to use them. It only take a few hundred to really brighten up a room.

happy, happy, balloon

Re-skin with foil

Nothing brightens up a computer by changing the skins in the applications or the operating system. So why not do the same for the outside of the computer as well? While your at it, re-skin the desk, the chair, the whole cubicle or home. May we suggest aluminum foil? It's cheap, easy to work with and makes any room seem shiny and bright.

Curses, foiled again

Peanut the floor

Some people will throw fabulous parties where the bring in beach sand to make the office into a beach party. I would encourage you to do the same. Beach sand, bark, anything that comes in bags and is as easy to spread as the front desk lady.

Of course, sand, bark or cat food costs money and a big bag weighs a lot, so why not stick with something cheap and free? I always like packing peanuts. They spread easy, they have fun shapes and are easily affected by static, so they can stick to darn near anything. Just remember to go easy. Too much and you could end up creating the equivalent of one of those ball rooms they have for kids, but for adults.

Say it with Peanuts

Send us your ideas

If you have more decorating tips, be sure to send them to us. We are here to help.

Send Us A Prank!

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