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Ferry Coffee Machines

ferry coffee dispenser

People dearly love coffee in Seattle, so it comes as no suprise that nearly every Washington State Ferry has a coin operated coffee machine. The surprise is what they dispense!

All of the coffee dispensers on the Washington State Ferries have a little window shows what is supposed to be the coffee beans before they are ground into your coffee. That's the visual connection I think they were going for when they thought up the idea. It turns out to be a very bad mistake.

On the right we see coffee beans and they look fairly decent. But on the left side we have this non-descript crap. I don't know about you, but when I order a hot chocolate I do not want to have it made out of something that looks like ground up dirty tiles of linoleum, which might explain quite a bit the taste of the hot chocolate coming out of the machines.

Another peculiar thing is that the temperature for the liquid is set so high that I am only slightly shocked the liquid doesn't come out in the form of a jet of steam instead of sugar, linoleum and water.

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