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Baby Changing Station

baby changing station?

There is something very wrong with the sign. Very wrong. This is proof once again that you can get away with murder if you make signs for the Washington State Ferry Fleet.

Take a close look at the sign on the right. You can find this sign proudly displayed on the M/V Tacoma, M/V Puyallup, and the M/V Wenatchee. It may be on other boats as well. The same sign can be found at the Woodlawn Park Zoo, so it might be a common Washington State sign.

At first glance it seems perfectly normal sign to indicate this is a bathroom, or in ship lingo, a head for men. You have the international symbol for Man, which indicates this is a mens bathroom. The Wheelchair is an international symbol to indicate the Mens room is handicap accessible and then you have a sign indicating a baby changing table. They even go so far as to put the braille for "Men" on the sign as well.

Lets take another look at that sign. Specifically, the baby changing table part.

molesting station?
baby_change molester

The way the person is standing and leaning over the baby indicates only one thing, this is a pediphile station.

That is simply not a natural pose for changing diapers! You really do not want to get in front of the business end on one of those human drool dispensers because they can and will aim and fire!

Any smart parent will be standing to the side where you can unfasten the diaper, roll the kid, place a new diaper down, wipe up any mess, snap them in place and hope to heck you can find a nice dumpster to dump the guacamole.

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