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Doo Doo Only?

doo doo only

I was checking out the various farm type critters at the Puyallup Fair or should I say, the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup, WA, when I came across this odd little dumpster. Personally I couldn't believe it. Have we really come to this? Have we really become so overly politically correct that we are afraid that the subject of animal waste just might offend someone?

Now I can understand why you wouldn't have a sign that read "COW SHIT ONLY." Not only would it be needlessly crude, but there were also duckies and chickies, horsies and goatses standing around doing what eventually must happen when you feed them, so it would not be grammatically correct, and obviously that has become important on dumpsters these days.

Come on, "DOO DOO ONLY"? would "ANIMAL WASTE ONLY" or "MANURE ONLY" be too damn offensive? What are the chances you would catch heck for using "MANURE ONLY" as a sign to indicate this waste bin is for the disposal of animal feces? Think about this, most of the people who were in and around the animal exhibits were in the business of animals. Some were breeders, some were farmers, some like myself were consumers.

Why the people of DM Disposal (shouldn't that be B.M. Disposal?) would be so worried they might offend someone is beyond me. In general, the target audience of the animal exhibits knows that when you put food in one end, manure comes out the other and they are not usually offended by the word or the substance. Since this target audience is the one that would typically employ DM's services, I would think they might grasp the fact that even the most religious and uptight people in the community would not call animal poo "doo doo." I would guess even the most uptight Quaker farmer at the fair would call the stuff that falls out of the butts of their cows manure. In fact, if I knew an uptight Quaker farmer I would ask them what they call animal poop, but really, Quaker farmers and I tend not to hang out in the same social circles. It's just one of those quirks that happen in social groups.

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