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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Halloween Pranks - Homeowners Strike Back Against the Kids!

Halloween for some home owners means only one thing. Invasion.

Those little bastards are going to be coming to your house and since shooting them with a gun is considered tacky and almost illegal, you have almost no way to protect yourself.

Or do you?

You have me. Your mostly non-violent, friend in the pranking business. The kids are making plans to prepare for Halloween and so should you. We have tips on how to protect your house from kids and other things that toss eggs in the night.

Lets say you have friends that have kids and you just know the friends are going to try something. Thats what friends are for. But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun by pranking the pranksters. Here are a few ideas.

Trip Wires
Just in case the kids decide to sneak off where they should not go, you should consider trip wires. A trip wire can be made with monofiliment fishing line. It's nearly invisible and easy to work with in the daylight. One scenario is to tie one end to the side of the house and the other end to the fence and create a simple tripping hazard. You can also set up lines so they cross at hip level, chest level and face level. This will freak people out.

Or a simple trip line attached to a bell or a can with rocks that rings like a bell. The idea is to alert you that someone is on the side of the house.

Now to have even more fun, attach the trip wire to a bucket of water on the roof. Or an empty trash can. The can doesn't have to hit someone, just create a crash that freaks them out.

Plastic Forks in the Lawn
This has become a rage as of late. My cousin bought a huge box of forks and as a prank shoved 500 of them into a friends lawn. If you do it with the fork tines pointed down, it's a lot easier. With the tines up, it's more menacing. 100 or more plastic forks in the ground pointed up is a very menacing sight. The kind of menacing site that might stop a kid from wandering across the lawn to pull a prank in your yard. it is an effective way to corral potential pranksters.

Plastic Forks

Super Soaker
Be armed and ready in case any kids decide to prank you. Water works well, but so does lemonade and or Coca-Cola. Nobody will be expecting you to burst through the door charging after the kids with a battle cry. Imagine yourself screaming, "YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?" and charging after punks with a super soaker. You don't even have to squirt it, they may wet themselves in fright.

Super Soaker

Dry Ice Candy Bowl
Put your bowl of candy in a larger container that you can fill with water and dry ice. The idea is that the kids reach in and grab the candy. Most young kids will not stick their hand into the fog. Those that do are rewarded with treats. Those that do not go away empty-handed.

Give Out Non-Halloween Candy
Imagine the fun of handing out candy canes, chocolate Easter eggs, Valentines Day candies. It requires a bit of advance planning and the kids might complain because it's stale, but have you ever looked at the expiration dates on this stuff? There's a reason the packaging doesn't change much, it never goes bad!

As a special treat, hand out dyed Easter eggs. Although chances are they may end up on the side of your house.

Halloween Candy End User Agreement
You could actually do something nice for the kids as well and let them know where the candy came from. The End User Agreement is styled after a software agreement and states that in exchange for candy, kids cannot prank your house. It has your name and address so parents know where the candy came from. If the kids think that you are nice, they may not mess with your house.

Fake Popcorn Balls
Need a treat really fast? Take toilet paper, wad it into a ball, then wrap it lightly in foil. Hand it out as a popcorn ball. It should go well with the caramel onion.

Fake Letter From Former Homeowner
Do you have friends that recently moved into a new house? Do a little research and find out the name of the former resident. Then send off a letter to your victim and explain in graphic details, the horrible reasons the former homeowner had to move out of the house. Explain about how the cat always died, the creepy noises you heard on Halloween and the fact that you knew in all certainty that the house was haunted.

When Halloween night rolls around, any prank you pull on that house is going to freak them out.

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