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Halloween Candy End User Agreement

I was bagging up candy for Halloween for any kids that live in my neighborhood that might stop by my house. I always have the best candy to hand out because I never see kids in my neighborhood. I thought it might be funny to add something humorous to the bags so they would remember me and my house. Well,I figured everything has a user agreement nowadays, so I thought would be funny to include a END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT in each bag of candy. I figured it would be fun to do something that would give the parents a chuckle.

It turns out everybody loved it. The kids thought it was funny and they thanked me all year long. The parents thought it was a riot and it let them know who handed out the candy. What started out as an off-handed joke turned out to be a great way to build up my community in my neighborhood. Everyone knows who I am, that I am kid friendly and that I give out the best candy.

Halloween Candy End User Agreement

Here is the agreement I came up with: (60 KB)

Make Your Own Agreement!

Now you can make your own Halloween Candy End User Agreement. It's easy, it's simple and it's a great way to let kids and parents know where the candy came from. It builds goodwill and community. more...


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