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Wide World of Pranks: Rant

Halloween Pranks - Fun for Kids

Halloween is coming and I am afraid the glory days of Halloween Trick or Treat pranks may have ended when my sister and I quit hitting the streets many years ago.

My sister and I used to do some amazing prep work for Halloween. We would bury eggs for rotten eggs weeks in advance, we would set aside rolls of toilet paper, cans of shaving cream, make lists of evil neighbors and plan to be up all night if needed to get our prank on.

Now with a world filled with aerosol spray chalk, cell phones and expanding polystyrene foam, I want to become a kid again. Well, one that looks 13. I can't go back, but I can inspire a new generation of kids to go forth and cause mayhem.

Spray Chalk
You can get this at prank supply stores. It's meant to allow kids to spray paint with chalk. It looks like spray paint, but it washes off. Which is important just in case you get caught and have to fix the damage. So here is a scenario: You find a house that has really cheap candy. You use the spray chalk to mark next to the door, "Cheap Bastards!" This tips off other pranksters that there has been problems with this house and perhaps it is time to pimp their house with tricks.

Spray Chalk

Rotten Eggs
The whole fun of the eggs is that it makes a mess, it cleans up rather easily (although it can ruin car paint) and it's an easy effect. You can throw them, you can leave them in place to break later, like under door mats, on top of doors that are not flush, so they fall or anyplace your imagination says to leave it. They don't have to be rotten. That was just prep work for my sister and I.

Toilet Paper
This prank is cheap, simple and effective. One person or two can do a lot of damage. What you need is a good brand of toilet paper that unrolls easily and holds together well. 2-ply is great. The stronger the better. Because when you toss the roll in the air to get stuck in a tree, you want the toilet paper to hold together enough to create a streamer up and over and down again. Not to worry, once the dew falls or a light rain, that stuff it very hard to clean up.

Shaving Cream
The great thing about shaving cream is that it is very cheap. The bad thing is that any design you create will generally break down very quickly, leaving a dripping mess. it's better to simply think of how a dripping mess design will look when you are done to avoid any disappointment when you finish.

Plastic Forks in the Lawn
This has become a rage as of late. My cousin bought a huge box of forks and as a prank shoved 500 of them into a friends lawn. If you do it with the fork tines pointed down, it's a lot easier. With the tines up, it's more menacing. 100 or more plastic forks in the ground pointed up is a very menacing sight. The prank is actually very reasonably priced and the supplies are easy to find.

Plastic Forks

Pass Out Caramel Onions
You've all seen caramel apples with the caramel and the stick and of course, the apple. Well making up a batch of caramel onions just for fun is a great way to target a select group of pranksters that come to your door. They sell caramel apple kits in stores. Just use the caramel wrap, heat it in the oven and you have a great prank treat!

Caramel Apple Kit

Spray Flocking (Spray Snow)
You know the aerosol fake snow you see on everything at Christmas? It makes for a great prank. You can spray it anywhere and leave messages, make ghosts and it cleans up rather easily. You can use it to decorate other people's decorations. One year I used a can to decorate the windows of businesses in a city. I just went along writing, "Naughty" on stores I did not like and "Nice" on the ones I did. You can take this same concept for Halloween. You can find spray flocking at many arts and crafts stores.

Pumpkin Tossing
Believe it or not, I would like to discourage pumpkin tossing. If someone spent a lot of time to carve a nice looking pumpkin, I say leave it alone. But thats just me. I'm fond of carved pumpkins.

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