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Wide World of Pranks: Evil Pranks

Plant Pot Seeds in a Yard

As if it needs to be said, this following prank is a bit illegal. Cultivating marijuana is usually a Federal offense. It is only listed here for a cheap laugh. Don't try it.

Anyone that smokes pot is going to end up with a few seeds laying about. It's like popcorn kernels. If you eat lots of popcorn at your home, you will find a few scattered about on occasion.

Face it, if you are in possession of seeds, that could be grown into a plant and growing is generally a crime as well. You could be charge with intent to distribute or some other crazy law. So what do you do with the seeds?

Plant them in your neighbors yard, what else?

Just toss a few into your neighbors lovely flower bed. By the time they sprout and grow into a plant they can recognize, they will either mess their pants or thank their lucky stars. Either way, they will be too busy to hassle you about your trash can lid not being secure or some silly offense like that.

Of course, you can take this prank a different way. Scatter the seeds in public places like malls, parks or planter boxes along city streets. It's illegal, but if you walk by the area frequently, it's kind of fun to see how big the plant gets before someone panics or harvests the plant.

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