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Expanding Foam in the Outhouse

Take a can of expanding polystyrene foam and either some plywood, a small bucket, a few 2x4 boards and secure them directly under the hole for the outhouse or porta-potty. Use duct tape to secure the item. Just make sure you fill up most of the void.

Next, squirt expanding polystyrene foam into the hole. Cover the inside rim, the boards, between the boards & around the rim so it will harden into a very solid plug. If you leave the seat down, it will be really difficult to remove the plug later.

expanding foam

As a final touch, drop a roll of toilet paper on top of the foam. Think of it as a cherry on top of your foam pie.

It takes about an hour for the foam to harden. It is very goopy until it does and that goop can end up making a worse mess than the foam until it dries. Once it is dry, the foam can be chipped away, but it is a very messy job.

Special bonus:
If you really want to be difficult, run a bead around the door and close it.

Or, if a construction site, or another place with a Johnny on the Spot, fill the chamber with expanding foam. Just empty a full can in the holding tank and see what happens.

Expanding Foam

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