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Wide World of Pranks: Evil Pranks

Fiberglass Insulation in the Dryer

Most people do not know that itching powder is usually nothing more than fiberglass dust. It's quite nasty, but for the most part harmless.

I learned about how itchy fiberglass is when I was a kid at a wedding. The adults did not want us to bothering them, so we decided to play on the nice fluffy rolls of insulation we found laying about in an unfinished room. By the time we figured out we were itching because of the fiberglass, we were going out of our minds. We didn't have any clothes to change into and it was a very long ride home in the car.

A small chunk of fiberglass will most likely disintegrate and make it's way into the lint trap. Well, most of it will. Small invisible shards will work their way into the victims clothing and make their lives a living hell.

Especially if it takes a while for them to figure out why the clothes itch, which clothes are infected and who added the fiberglass in the first place.

You might even attempt this at a laundramat.

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