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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2005

Today I had to fly on a plane. I love planes, but I really hate airports. I used to love airports and flying, but that was before security companies figured out they could make a bundle by humiliating us by standing in line after line and confiscating dangerous items like nail files, butane lighters and 9 mm pistols.

I was amazed that a lot of Transportation Security Agents had on some semblance of a costume. I commented to a woman with cat ears that I had no idea TSA people would have had costumes or I might have worn one as well. She just laughed and said, 'Oh you should have worn one, it's Halloween! What would costume were you going to wear?"

"Militant Islamic Terrorist" I replied in a monotone response.

"We don't appreciate that kind of humor around here." she replied in a very tight-lipped manner.

Which is why I didn't wear a costume to the airport.

On my way home I saw a guy at a bus stop wearing what I would call an outfit right out of the Lord of the Rings. It was total Ren-faire. The cloak, the shirt, the pants, the boots, the long bow over his shoulder. You know the type. I would have mentally congratulating him for such a decent costume, but the problem is that I've seen this guy around my neighborhood for a while and he always dresses this way.

But really, what costume options are available to these people? A clown costume? A three piece suit? A pizza delivery guy uniform? The last one would require a job, and a car, so that's out, and the reason he was waiting for a bus.

Today I hope you think long and hard about the plight of people such as Ren-Faire addicts who have no hope of a normal Halloween. Or for that matter, a normal life. Yes, they live in a world where Hobbits can exist, but they also live in a world where a owning a house not passed down by a dead relative is a fantasy. Lets not even get into the issue of soap.

Celebrate Halloween with all of the joy and candy that the holiday was intended. And if your home and you have the little bastards coming to your door, here are a few hints to make the evening way more fun!

Happy Halloween

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