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It is amazing how faking an accent can cover the fact that you really are retarded.

Talking with you is so refreshing. Usually one has to go to a bowling alley for this kind of intellectual stimulation.

If brains were boats, you would be just a little dinghy.

I really like you. You remind me so much of what I was like when I was young and stupid.

You sound so reasonable. It must be time to up my medication.

You are like the village drunk from some early Irish novel, just not as articulate.

You are not the brightest crayon in the box now, are you?

They bought you books, they sent you to school, and what do you do? You eat the pages.

It's sad that you are depriving some poor village of an idiot.

I can't believe out of 500 million sperm you were the fastest.

It just shocks me to know you are from the state in the union with the lowest SAT scores...

Tell me, do small minded people like you get into movies for the children's rate?

I have to go. I'd love to rip apart your shallow logic you call a point, but the American Disabilities Act forbids picking on the retarded.

You are dumber than I tell people!

You are so incredibly inept that I am surprised the pressure of the air itself hasn't caved in your skull.

You are like a vortex of stupidity.

You have the abilities of an overexcited autistic.

You sound like a dimwitted parrot.

Why do I bother with you? Even the losers I would never acknowledge avoid you because you're nothing. You're not even a troll.

The most intelligent thing to come out of your mouth would be a skanky drag queen's semen, but only if they lowered their standards to a level of desperation like, "I need to fuck something, anything." Even cranked out, most of them only stoop as low as Libertarians.

Cut the attitude crap, junior. You are out of your depth in your own smut puddle.

This guy is as sharp as a cat. You can point to a horny, wet & naked hottie on a bed, spread wide in front of him and ready for action and he will stare at your finger. Just like a cat.

You are so gullible. If you looked up gullible in the dictionary, there is a picture of you naked with the caption, "are you sure there is no film in the camera?"

Is that the best hack line you can do? Oh poor, poor you. To scrape the bottom of the insult barrel so early in the night. You should pop down to Denny's and order up some chicken soup. I think you're about to come down with a nasty case of the suck. You should take care of yourself.

You are the Jehovah's Witness trespassing on the front porch of funny.

Excellent deduction there, Fagatha Christie!

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