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The 80's called, they want your wardrobe back.

I have two words for you to remember, personal grooming.

Nice haircut. Are you sporting the "Supercuts" style or "Hair Crafters" look?

No one will even notice that your tux pants are too tight and short. They will be too busy looking at you're shiny coat sleeves that are way too long. I bet they are wondering if you are wearing a short sleeve shirt under that jacket as well.

I think it is so sweet that you like to avoid dressing nicely as a personal statement against our society. Is that why you gave up on using soap as well?

You are a tasteless crack junkie.

There is an apparatus is known as a shower. You use it to remove the filth and ass leakage from your body. It is not a good idea to remain unbathed just because the scent of the last german sheppard you shagged is lingering in your shorts.

You truly are a waste of skin.

Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.

Look, It's okay to be ugly...but aren't you overdoing it?

I am sure whatever perfume you are wearing is really nice in small doses, so why are you marinating in it?

Did you fall into a vat of perfume or is this stink some kind of mating ritual?

You know. it is so refreshing to meet someone who is not so stuffy as to use the correct silverware and not so uptight that they use a napkin when you can simply use your jeans.

I really like the way you dress. Tell me, where do you get bell bottom shirts to fit over your big fat ass?

Nice shirt. It really shows off your stretch marks.

In this light you can see the glint of venom as it glistens on your

You have that timeless beauty that is best enhanced by a burkha.

I am not sure what is leaking from your ass, but it smells like store roasted chicken.

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