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Multi-Sided House

Could I get a little off the side?

No Good Side

This house is located in Seattle and I swear it has on its four walls, 17 different types of siding.

We have asbestos shingle, metal siding, stained wooden shingles, untreated different style wood shingles, untreated wood siding, different untreated shingles than are found in the front, bare wood wall, tar paper over bare wood wall, painted wood siding (different than the unpainted), bare concrete, some I haven't mentioned and no idea what direction the homeowner is actually planning. It is as if the major plan was to side the house using free samples available at a home improvement store.

The Dark Side of the House

I have been following this house as a passive observer for years and here is what I know. It has had the same owner since this project started, they have made no progress in years, they have no sense of color, no sense of whimsey and if the yard is any clue, no statement on siding, since the yard kind of looks like it's been as neglected as the siding.

All in all, it's one of my favorite houses to show to people. You can roll up to this house, point it out to a visitor and ask, "what do you think they were thinking?"

That's always worth a long discussion that always features the sentence, "well I'm glad I am not their neighbor."

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