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Ketchup Flavored Potato Chips

old dutch

I stumbled across this merry bag of salty goodness on my last trip to Canada. Ketchup flavored chips was enough for me to start laughing my ass off, but when I ran across the "Simulated" part, I was laughing so hard I was horizontal.

You know, I like ketchup as much as the next guy and in fact I like it a bit more than the next guy. Maybe it's due to the fact that I live in the golden red kingdom of Ketchup where there is always plenty of Norwegian Hot Sauce and the rest of the world hoardes small caches of ketchup packets to use in financial transactions, because I cannot fathom a reason why you would have to use "SIMULATED" ketchup to flavor potato chips. The reason escapes me.

I checked the list of ingredients for ketchup and it contains water, salt, vinegar, tomatoes and some other junk. There was no ingredients like "partially hydrogenated gold" or anything of excessive value, so I cannot understand why Old Dutch would have to skimp on the ketchup.

Old Dutch is a trademarked and registered name that might even have some sacred religious meaning for Old Dutch Foods, LTD. Winnepeg, MB, R2X 2Y5 and is used here without permission. Honest, I liked the taste of the product, we just thought it was freakier than opening a crate full of horny monkeys infected with Ebola and remembering that I just covered myself in monkey rut.

There is absolutely no connection between Old Dutch and Wally Glenn or Planet Wally and no association should be assumed, inferred or in any way suggested. In fact, if you're like me and a big fan of ketchup, A.K.A. Norwegian Hot Sauce, I suggest you pick up a bag and try them. They really do taste like ketchup.

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