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Wide World of Pranks: Office Pranks

Registered Letter

Who would have thought a registered letter could be so fun?

Has someone really pissed you off? This is an excellent way to get back at them because it really wastes a lot of their time.

What you do is send a registered letter to your mark. It may cost a few dollars, but it's really worth it. A person has to sign for a Registered Letter. It has to be delivered by hand to the door of the person who you are pranking. If they are not home, the Post Office leaves a little note at their door requesting that they drive down to the Post Office to pick up the letter.

Most people are not home when the mail is delivered. This means your mark has to drive down to the Post Office to get the letter. They have to sign for it, then the registered card is mailed back to you. You can use your real address or not.

So imagine someone driving 10-20 minutes to the Post Office, wasting another 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes in line at the Post Office to get a letter that when they open it, the letter reads:




What could be funnier than that?

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