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Arboreal Salamander

May 18, 2011

I finally figured out who is stealing my snails!

I found this arboreal salamander crawling through my yarrow plants last night. I believe the salamander was eating slugs and snails. I've seen evidence of shells, but I could not track down the predator. I think he's the same one that ate the mysterious California towhee egg that suddenly appeared a few days ago.

Arboreal Salamander

Salamanders are frequent visitors to my back yard. This year I have run across at least five California sender salamanders and two other arboreal salamanders with different color in my garden.

Seeing how I removed more than 200 snails from my garden the last few weeks, he should have plenty of food available. Since I am not using pesticides like Corry's Slug and Snail Death, there's little chance my herp friend would die from eating a dessicated slug with metaldehyde they find laying about.

Another organic gardening win.

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