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The Definition of Fun

April 21, 2011

I went to the Turlock Swap Meet in Turlock California where I ran across the definition of fun.

A broken go-cart.

Broken Go-Kart: The Definition of Fun?

This go-kart clearly has all the definitions of fun I think of when it comes to go-karts. This go-kart has no brakes. It has no seat. There is no steering wheel. It has serious corrosion problems. I also noticed it's lacking an engine. Finally, it only has three wheels, so it's not going to roll far on it's own.

The owner claims it's a fun kart and you can have this amount of fun for only $50.00.

After a hard day of shopping, I headed home and made it a point to stop by to see if the guy had sold the kart and if there was any way to talk the fun down to maybe $50. I had no intention of buying the kart, I just wanted to know if I could get fun at a discount.

The guy had sold the go-kart to someone else, presumably sober, for the full asking price of $100.00.

I think the true definition of fun is knowing he just found a sucker willing to part with cash for this rusted heap of scrap metal.

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