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This Drink Is Protected From Roofies

April 20, 2011

I asked this woman why she put a napkin over her drink when she leaves her seat at the bar. She said, "so nobody puts a roofie in it." I had no idea napkins have anti-roofie powers!

So my friend left a note. Napkins are not an anti-roofie device!

Napkins are not an anti-roofie device

I don't really get the napkin thing. I know it's supposed to be a signal to the bartender that you're not finished with your drink, but seriously, when you do that, you are wasting paper. You're killing trees. And it's a signal to everyone you are not at your seat, so if you have a roofie and no morals, dose away!

I think it would be a better idea to finish your drink before you leave the bar. It's a drink, not a freaking novel! How long could it take to finish?

And one last thing, if you notice, the drink was already protected under the American Flag! With an American flag on the straw, nobody can touch it.

Happy 4/20.

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