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Five Pounds of Sodium Metal in Water

January 11, 2011

As some may know, sodium metal reacts violently with water. An ounce of sodium tossed into a pond makes for a very big bang.

So what happens when you take five pounds of sodium, throw it into a burning boat floating in a salt water pond?

This is what happens!

Some things to consider if you consider repeating this experiment.

One thing is to never do this without proper supervision. Once sodium starts to react, it very well could send a chunk or two that reacts in your general direction.

Consider a thick pair of gloves. I would really, really not recommend holding it in your hands.

I would consider what will happen to the water once I add the sodium. It's not much different than adding salt to water, since sodium is salt. But what about the other elements like the oil covering the sodium. I guess the question I am trying to ask is, do you want it in your indoor swimming pool?

Most of all, I recommend taking chances and living life on the edge, but that can come with consequences.

Have fun.

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